Near Boston Common
Near Boston Common, 10x12 inches

42nd Street and Fifth Avenue NYC
42nd Street and Fifth Avenue NYC, 10x12 inches

Ewart thoughts on 42nd Street and Fifth Avenue NYC

Peter Ewart first saw New York City in the spring of 1938. In those days it was a far different place than it is today. Peter left Montreal on the overnight bus, and early the next morning he saw the skyline of the great city up ahead. Then the bus entered the Holland Tunnel and emerged into the crowded streets of New York. The roar and bustle of the train as it sped uptown was overpowering to him in a tremendously exciting way.

From a 'Gallery of the Golden Key' exhibition brochure from 1972: ...'The exhibition includes a number of Vancouver street and harbour scenes as well as several landscapes. All are treated with a strong sense of mood, and a keen appreciation of atmospheric effect'.

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