The Sailor's Church
The Sailor's Church, 10x12 inches
Montreal Area

Victoria Square, Montreal
Victoria Square, Montreal , 10x12 inches

Ewart thoughts on The Sailor's Church

The Notre-Dame Chapel of Bonsecours is the oldest church in Montreal. Begun in 1657 on the initiative of Marguerite Bourgeoys, the founder of the Notre-Dame Congregation, the chapel had to be rebuilt in 1771 after a disastrous fire. As it is a tradition for sailors to gather there when they have narrowly missed being shipwrecked, the chapel has become known as the sailors' church... Miniature boats have also been left by sailors as votive offerings. Visitors can climb right to the top of the chapel, from where one has a magnificent view from a belvedere over the St. Lawrence River, the harbour, the island of Saint-Helene and the island of Notre-Dame.

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